15 July 2022 – Beyond Notability Booth at the Institute of Historical Research Centenary Festival, Senate House

15 July 2022 – Amara Thornton will discuss Beyond Notability as part of Talking History at the IHR Centenary Festival, 3.30-4.30 pm, IHR Wolfson, Senate House


8 March 2022 – Beyond Notability Twitter Takeover (Online)

4 March 2022 – Presentation: “Blue Papers and Beyond: Women and the Society of Antiquaries of London, 1870-1950”, IHR Women’s History Seminar Series

25-27 February 2022 – Presentation: “Beginning Beyond Notability: excavating the archives for women in archaeology, history and heritage in Britain 1870-1950”, Current Archaeology Live!

16 December 2021 – Presentation: “Assessing an Archive Assemblage”, Society of Antiquaries Christmas Miscellany (Online)